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August 9, 2015
Because I know Jennifer Lopez is multi-talented, I gave her first j lo perfume, "Glow" a chance. I was by no means disappointed; it aromas so good! I frequently receive compliments when I use it. The smell also will last mostly all day long. I can spray the fragrance at 6 o'clock each day where there will still be hints from it on me at 10 o'clock at nighttime; this is definitely a good parfum! "Glow" contains a sugary, pleasant smell. It's unlikely that any of other perfumes can rival it. That it was her first perfume which is still the only one I order. It is a bit expensive, specially in shops, so take into consideration buying it online as I do. I save lots of money. For example, at Target and Macy's, I have seen the 3.4 ounce bottle of "Glow" charged between $37.00 and $40.00, but I purchased mine from auction web sites for any little over $20.00. Ladies, young and old, do yourselves a big favor and put money into this divine fragrance! I think you will really liked this j lo perfume b/c i do. This is the best cologne! i will be the girl that dislikes "strong, heavy" scents like Chanel No.5 and what older women prefer to use. not saying that Chanel smells poor, but it really's simply not the things i'm into. I enjoy smell sweet and girly. I notice when you wear sweet types as opposed to heavy stuff people usually ask what are you wearing? So if you have the very same choices as me you may really like this. J Lo definitely offers high quality. As j.lo explained its perfume (in a press conference), it is really "fresh, soapy, sexy, clean." the simplest way to sum this scent is, it features a sweet. Before this came out, this is the smell i always aspired to smell like: sugary but not too sweet, and not overempowering; just light and natural. The bottle is gorgeous! so sexy and stylish like j.lo herself. It has this diamond necklace and when you look at it, it simply making you feel like you're a star. it is really good, test it! Not overpowering... fine if you want to wear some perfume not scare everyone. I could put it on while not having to bother about it getting overpowering where people walk away. Now people will move towards me and during the talk says wow exactly what are you putting on. Enough said. I enjoy wearing this to work in warmer weather conditions. This has to be a classic smell. Just don't apply a lot for the reason that it can be strong! I get migraines from plenty of colognes, but this was is nice. I would highly recommend it. I absolutely love this aroma. I first got it more than 6 years back, and it is continue to one of the best perfume regardless of the a lot of I've had over the years. It is pleasurable, nicely balanced, but has a fantastic style which fits any special occasion or mundane day. I enjoy it! Needless to say every scent smells different on every individual due to the pheromones involved, but even I enjoy how it smells on me. Sometimes you are so familiar with the odor that you simply don't even smell that you're still wearing it. However, another compliment will come in and remind me that I have it on. I consider stocking up since this is a fragrance that I want during my life forever. Love Glow by J Lo perfume (and j lo perfume mainly just the original, not the spin offs)! Bought for my mother for Mother's Day. She liked it. She's super joyful and thanked me several times. She said it was fragrant & not too strong. Just perfect.

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